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If you're a founder, sales is fundamental

I get it. Your responsibilities and obligations are seemingly endless. Besides developing your product or solution, you're managing people, handling accounting, doing marketing, and dealing with fundraising. And on top of that, you own sales.

Truthfully, sales need to be one of your top priorities. It's where you gather customer requirements, understand the market, become familiar with industry language, and develop the key customer relationships that will scale your business.

But sales can be challenging. Or it puts you out of your comfort zone. Or it feels sleazy or beneath you.

But it shouldn't.

Why join the B2B Sales Community?

Every week covers a different aspects of B2B sales. We get into sales techniques, methodologies, mindset, tools, process, and every aspect of enterprise sales. To make you a better sales leader.

Every Monday we'll conduct a workgroup session focused on a specific sales topic. We'll use this time to dive into sales practices and examples, along with Q&A discussion and case studies of what works and why.

There are regular guest speakers, special sessions, and one-on-one consults. And everything is recorded and available for your review.

Get better at sales.
Every week.

In The B2B Sales Community, each week we dive into the key sales fundamentals that can help your business succeed and scale. We cover B2B sales from every perspective that you will encounter:

  • Identifying your ideal customer

  • Your sales mindset

  • Dealing with rejection

  • Cold Outreach

  • Qualifying opportunities and Prospects

  • The initial sales call

  • The discovery process

  • And so much more...

Each week will have a deep dive presentation complete with examples and case studies and will include guest speakers for various topics.

And Office Hours sessions are your chance to discuss specific opportunities, discuss sales fundamentals, and get targeted sales coaching specific to your sales circumstances.

In addition, we'll connect with you one-on-one to ensure you’re getting the most out of the community and getting the sales traction you need.

Who is in charge here?

Brendan is focused on B2B sales, coaching, and consulting with startups and founders to help them excel at sales and customer success.

He loves B2B/enterprise sales and the serendipity and collaboration that comes with the community format.

He's a veteran sales professional that has closed numerous multi-million dollar deals across healthcare, pharma, fintech and telecom verticals.

And he wrote SALES CRAFT. And has another book coming out soon!

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